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5 Tips to Make Your Home Appliances Last Longer

Microwaves, ovens, laundry machines, refrigerators, blenders and kitchen stoves are among the common home appliances. Apart from the regular maintenance and service, there are other ways that can help your home appliances last longer.

Here are a few tips that can help you ensure your appliances last longer:-

Regular Cleaning

This will ensure that there is no interference and clogging in the parts of your appliances. Take a refrigerator for example the condenser coils are usually located underneath or behind, dirt will reduce their efficiency forcing the compressor to overheat. Some home appliances come with a self-cleaning function, I would not recommend using this. Cleaning the appliance yourself will ensure that you are able to clean all surfaces and easily notice if repair is required before damage escalates.

Do not over load

Most appliances like dish washers, laundry machines and driers come with a weight limit, putting more than the recommended weight will put a strain in performance which eventually leads to damage.

Avoid fault power outputs

Faulty and fire hazardous electricity power outputs will cause damage to your appliances and sometimes fatalities. Always ensure the cords of your appliances are well insulated and faulty outputs repaired.

Repairs and replacement of faulty parts should be done by a professional.

Most home appliances manufacturer these days provide repair services to their clients. This is done by professionals with genuine spare parts. Having your appliances repaired by a person with inadequate knowledge will only cause more damages to your home appliances.

Follow the manufactures manual.

Appliances come with a guidance manual that generally has the does and don’ts that will help you in maintaining your appliances. For instance, dishwasher requires that you rinse of the dirty dishes before you put them in, a laundry machine don’t put dry cleaning with big metallic zip or coins.

Handling your home appliances with care and regularly cleaning them will ensure they serve you and last longer.

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