10 Food for better mood

Food for better mood :

Food for better mood

Yeah you heard it right food can help you to make your mood better. Food not only helps us in staying healthy and energetic but also helps in making our mood better , so the next time you feel bored or tired may be you can try some of these foods to boost up the energy. Here is food for better mood.

1. Dark chocolate

By eating only 1.4 ounces it can help in reducing the stress hormones and energetic too. The reason behind this is large amount of anti-oxidants present in chocolate. I’m sure this isn’t surprising for you. It is the food to make better mood. Chocolate is also said to be stress buster food item also chocolate is good for health also.

2. Fish

Eating fish can be one of the best thing to boost your mood.

Omega – 3-s a key mood improving ingredient is found in fish, so eating it will boost up your mood. Not only it is better for Building stamina but fish also helps in making your mood better so its a full dose of a healthy,nutritious food item which is good for health and also for your mood.

3. Coconut

Coconut contains nutritional oils beneficial for the body. Mainly it consists of triglycerides a type of fat which turns into energy quickly. Coconut is utilized by the body actually to produce energy not to store the fat, which boosts our mood very quickly.

4. Carbs

Throwing aside all the myths that carbs makes you fat the thing that makes it good is it’s ability to lighten the mood. This food make better mood.

5. Ginger tea

Besides other tea you ever drinked ginger tea is filled with antioxidants that boost up your mood and energy, & triggers your hormones. Having a cup of ginger tea in morning will keep you going the full day with a better mood.

6. Fruits and vegetables

Studies proves that it is due to the nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables that lowers our stress and boost up the mood. So now you may think your parents were always right about eating vegetables.

7. Nuts

Magnesium is found in Almonds, hazelnut which helps in converting sugar into energy and are also filled with fibre to maintain the blood sugar level even.

8. Saffron

Study has proved that we should have a little amount of Saffron every alternative day or mix up it with any recipe, it helps in controlling mood swings of an individual & lower the level of depression.

9. Asparagus

It is very helpful for boosting the mood. It is one of the finest plant based source of tryptophan, which creates serotonin, which is considered as brains primary mood regulating neurotransmitter.

10. Bannana

Bannana is one the best food that is required for helping in stabilizing mood & energy, as it provides the necessary nutrients and carbohydrates that makes you feel full, slow down the digestion, and keep the blood sugar level stable.

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Benefits of Coconut : Healthy drink

Benefits of Coconut : Best Health drink

Benefits of Coconut

Coconut water is popular for its ability to quench the thrist but another factor making it more special is, it is also packed with nutritional punch. With multiple benefits Coconut water is the best possible beverage that could keep you fit & healthy. It is the best health drink.

Some facts tells us that tender Coconut water is a ‘naturally canned’ , non carbonated beverage having a good source of B-Complex vitamins.

Listed below are the many other such reasons &  benefits due to which every athlete, sportsmen or even layman should drink more Coconut water. That is why it is best health drink,  so here is benefits of Coconut.

1.Cures “Dehydration“:

Coconut water aids in replacing fluid loss from the gastrointestinal tract. During summers it is very obvious that one gets dehydrated easily due to heat in the summers which then ends in fainting of the person or headache  but Coconut can easily help in recovering or stopping dehydration. Doctors also suggest that it is best beverage or drink during summers.

2.Remedy for Hangover :

For all the lovers of drinking believe it or not, this nutrition packed drink can control urination &  vomiting  helping in getting over from a hangover. People always tries several methods to get over hangover but they all are not so effective and is not considered as a remedy but here is something that can be said one that is Coconut . Don’t believe me try it once you will definitely know about the benefits of Coconut.

3.Weight – Loss :

Apart  from any other energy drink Coconut water serves only 42 calories &  also has low fat content. Losing weight is never too easy but with the help of coconut it is very easy. Fitness freaks are crazy about coconut but there are such people who doesn’t even know about these benefits of Coconut. Being healthy is very easy with this drink with a little bit flavor of taste. Losing weight is big deal people try various exercise, activities, medicine etc.  But the thing that matter is What food they eat which helps in further losing weight.

4.Helps in Digestion :

Coconut water has high concentration of fibre  &  it curs indigestion &  reduces occurence of acid reflux. Coconut water also aids “Constipation“. Many of us suffers from the problem of constipation but eating medicine doesn’t work well on every person. Coconut is  natural medicine without any side effects giving best effects to reduce the problem of constipation and improves the digestion of the person and it is to said that the person is much healthier than others.

5.Reduces blood pressure :

Coconut water is often used as a balancing mechanism which maintains adequate number of electrolytes in body. Blood pressure is often faced by the people of old age but in few cases teenage or middle aged people also face the problem of blood pressure that may be high or low. There may be many methods of getting over blood pressure but one of the best benefits of Coconut is that it helps in it controls or balance the bood pressure level of the person.

So want to be fit &  healthy, we should prefer the best health drink ” Coconut water “.

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5 Tips to build stamina for everyone

Top 5 Ways /Tips to build stamina for good health

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10 Healthy food for muscle building


 Healthy  Foods for muscle building

This post is for all the gym freaks, but we all know everyone wants muscle. Maybe not body builder type but athlete build is also very attractive. But not only going to gym will help that for building such type of body eating a good diet is as important as going to gym.Health and fitness is all about what we eat,if it is good enough then its going to help you in developing muscle. So here I sum up the list of healthy food for muscle building  :


We all know that how much milk is important for our body but some of us ignores it. It is fully dense in nutrients, protein & all the essential amino acids. Drinks a full milk of glass before & after doing workout, it will give you all the stamina you need.      G. O. M. A. ever heard of it it stands for a gallon of milk a day. That’s why it is muscle building food.



Chicken is the best food for helping in building muscles. Talking about chicken, the chicken beast is low in fats while it’s dark meat has higher fat. For building muscles fat is very important, so eat more & build more.


If want to build more stamina then my suggestion eat fish, all the athletes prefer to eat fish for building more stamina as fish is low fat high quality protein, filled with all the essential vitamins & nutrients & omega-3 fatty acid. So grab fish every time when you see it cause it is best muscle building food.


It  is preferred and suggested by every successful body builder , peanut butter is densed  with calories with good fats and most importantly it also is packed with a lot of protein. This food is said to be the essential food for growing mass & muscle.


If you want instant energy or power during workout or before workout, I prefer to eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast or for instant energy mix it with post workout shake. Oatmeal are suggested because the very helps you power through the training.


These are most inexpensive source of protein. A small egg can have about 7-8 grams of protein, which means having 5-6 eggs per day can give you sufficient protein for building something strong & big it doesn’t matter you boil it, scramble it or pouch it. Best muscle building food.


Ever wondered why every body builder is having banana shake or simple bananas all the time this Is because bananas have three types of sugars : Fructose, Sucrose and glucose and these sugars are prime for pure as well as post training and workouts.


The best thing about turkey is that it contains 9 grams of protein per ounce. Another thing which makes it to our list is that turkey is a low saturated fat content it has protein more than chicken and even eggs. Having turkey will give you a lot of power energy & mass, plus it’s very cheap.


This food is easily available cheap of course & easy to make, plus sweet to eat. Potato eating is suggested by every trainer at the very first day. Sweet potatoes are complex carbohydrates with B vitamins. So eat more of sweet potatoes.


I bet you didn’t see that coming but yep almonds!! This nut is perfect snack for muscles. Almonds are full of protein and fibers giving you everything you need for building muscles. The plus point of eating almonds is that it makes you feel full while repairing worn muscles, so eat as more almonds you can.

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